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Welcome to Aqua Star

Our organization AQUA STAR is committed to provide complete solution to water related problems of our customers. We have sufficient experienced staff to give individual attention to each customer. We are manufacturers & Suppliers of domestic & industrial water treatment equipment & plants. We are one of the leading service providers in the field of water treatment and Purification.

How does UV+Range work

Micron sediment filters removes dirt, dust and sand particles. Activated carbon filters removes 99% of the chlorine and organic chemicals, it provides enhanced reduction of taste, odour, colour and enhancement. the high energy UV lamp utilizes the application of a particularly efficient UV radiation to kill micro-organisms and deteriorate their to survive and reproduce.

RO Advantage & benefits

Beside bad order and taste the impurities (TDS) like nitrates, arsenic, insecticides, metals (heavy), bacteria, phosphates, sulphate, chlorides and many more stell unidentified are flushed out of water to drain through semi-permiable membrane up to 90% thus giving your crystal clear safe drinking water as nature ever wanted it to be.